At RTS Controls, we know that our employees are our best asset. That's why we go to great efforts to not only attract but, to also retain talented people. Since the 1980's we have grown with help of employees we believe we can build a better future our employee input is highly valued.

  • We always strive to recruit the best people. This means you will be surrounded by highly skilled and passionate individuals.
  • An innovative spirit and entrepreneurial drive have been our trademarks since day one. These qualities continue to define our workplace and employees today.
  • You will get a chance to work on and support industry leaders with market-leading products.
  • Mobility is a big part of the world’s sustainability challenges. We are tackling those challenges head on by designing and building responsible and creative energy management and monitoring & verification solutions.
  • We don’t stand still, so why should you. We are organization with a promising future and lots of opportunities for you to evolve and grow.
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