Company Profile

RTS Controls Limited is a Canadian manufacturer of Energy Management Systems, Boiler Controls, Lighting Controls, Custom Control panels and a Systems Integrator. The engineering of our controls has evolved over 30 years by working directly with specific engineers, contractors, property management companies, and major boiler manufacturers. As industry leaders for over thirty years in energy management we have continuously put a lot of emphasis on research and development of various products. This has helped us streamline the way building controls interact with mechanical equipment and how energy savings can be achieved. 

We offer customized controls designed to meet your specifications and your budget.  We now operate our controls in over 500 commercial and residential buildings across Canada.  This includes Heating and Air Conditioning, Lighting, Carbon Monoxide detection, and full building automation systems.

RTS Controls offers a wide range of individual control solutions, with capabilities ranging from a stand alone indoor/outdoor reset controls, up to a sophisticated remotely monitored Energy Management and Dashboard Solutions that are custom programmed for your application and capable of interfacing directly to most Building Automation Systems.

Our Objective

At RTS Controls Limited we provide active Building Automation System Solutions to our clients using accurate data and analysis. We efficiently oversee and manage mechanical and electrical equipment operation for our clients. With a keen interest in connecting with new talent in the industry, RTS Controls is involved in on-going research and development with industry partners. As we learn, we apply what we know using the latest proven technology. By partnering with building owners and managers we have formed successful relationships with the common goal of achieving energy conservation and reducing GHG Emission. We strive to continue building strong relationships with our clients and industry partners to provide the most comprehensive Active BAS Management Solutions.

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